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The Prague Burlesque Show

Prague Burlesque’s Sonny Vargas will lead you through the midnight surprise! Bombshell Miss Cool Cat will make you sweat tears of joy.
Coca Valente sets your heart on fire, mysterious Michelle Marvelous will make an act of love.
Janny Jill is a drag supervaganza and Monina is the dancing queen, together with the Ritzy Dancers.

The essence of burlesque is humour and parody, or vaudeville and grotesque.
The massive return that Burlesque is currently experiencing in the world suggests that certain values
from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries began to resonate in people again.

Funny, titillating, funny, original, naughty, magnificent, relaxed, flirty, boiling and forcing you to roar boundlessly with enthusiasm!

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The Prague Burlesque Show

The Prague Burlesque Show has reached a magnificent milestone. Celebrating 10 Years at the Royal Theatre!
A splendid success for the city of Prague and the ensemble that pioneered the genre of burlesque, vaudeville and variety in the Czech Republic!

The show has been a success from day one - full of love, reconciliation and hope. Sonny Vargas has become a guru of coolness and freedom – infamous, yet inspiring.
His presence makes every show an extraordinary one. Envision dazzling costumes, scintillating stage design and ecstatic sounds at the brand-new production: Showgirl Nirvana!

Over the years, Prague Burlesque has gathered a devoted following of visitors.
The glowing stars of their desire:
Miss Cool Cat, Michelle Marvelous, Monina, Janny Jill, Coca Valente and the Ritzy Dancers - their performances will excite and entertain you to the point of ecstasy!
Sonny Vargas stands at the helm, guiding you to the answers you seek. Showgirl Nirvana is within your reach!

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